Eine rage der ethik

NEO is a paragliding and speed flying equipment manufacturer. NEO takes a clear stance giving priority yo French manufacture. It is more than a choice; it is a challenge, pushed by strong convictions, and we thank our customers for sharing this belief with us. NEO is in favor of local production and local labor. Our products are given special attention from conception through the testing and manufacture. In order to reduce dispensable transport and to follow an eco-responsible approach, priority is given to French and European materials. High quality products, technologically advanced, require an important effort when designing and developing. The added value generated by this « grey matter » is used to invest in local workforce. NEO aims for quality first and we try our best to reduce the shipment of fabrics during the production process, and delivery of the finished product to market.


    Harnesses and wings are 100% made in France, in our workshops located in the French Alps and Normandie.
    Local production is an ethical choice and allows us to create the highest quality products.


    Innovation, direkt aus Frankreich: jedes unserer Produkte wird von unserem Team in Haute-Savoie in den Französischen Alpen designt, in der Nähe des Sees von Annecy.


    The value added to our product range by local materials and production allows us to support the local economy.


    The wish for higher quality products and high-end and safe equipment leads NEO’s R&D team towards a constant innovation research for even lighter, robust and reliable products that are at the cutting edge of technology. We thus develop our own rigging, fabric and materials, specifically designed for each one of our products.

La marque de vêtements est partenaire de NEO sur toute sa gamme vestimentaire, lui permettant ainsi de présenter une collection composée à 100% de produits issus de matières recyclées, biologique ou bio-sourcées.

La marque d’équipement de sécurité sur neige développe avec NEO un sac airbag. ARVA, tout comme NEO est attaché à ses valeurs de proximité et développe et fabrique l’intégralité de ses appareils en France.

Pour ses protections, NEO travaille avec la technologie Koroyd, brevetée et issue de la technologie aéronautique et aérospatiale.

In Sachen Karabiner und Schnallen hat sich NEO für AUSTRIALPIN als Partner entschieden, Premium-Hersteller im Bereich innovativer Sicherheitsausrüstung für Menschen, die auf höchste Qualitäts- und Sicherheitsstandards vertrauen.

Aufgrund ihrer umweltfreundlichen Einstellung, hat sich NEO dazu entschieden die eigenen Produktionsabfälle/Überschüsse zu recyceln. Diese werden an die Firma Ateliere in Ardèche weitergegeben. Die Materialien werden dort recycelt und wiederverwertet um ihnen neues Leben einzuhauchen!