An ethical choice

NEO is a paragliding and speed flying equipment manufacturer.
NEO have chosen to manufacture in France using European fabrics. It’s more than a choice; it’s a challenge, pushed by strong convictions, and we thank our customers for sharing this belief with us.
NEO have chosen local production using local labour. Our products are given special attention from conception through to testing and manufacture. NEO aim for quality first and we try our best to reduce the shipment of fabrics during the production process, and delivery of the finished product to market.

  • 100% Made in France

    All of our products are made in France, in our workshops located in the French Alps and Normandie. Local production is an ethical choice and allows us to create the highest quality products.

  • 100% European materials

    All of the materials used to manufacture our product are made in the European Union: fabric, webbing, bias, lines, carabiners, maillons, thread, reinforcements…

  • 100 % Designed in France

    The innovation takes place in France. Everything we make is designed by our own development team in the Haute-Savoie (French alps), near Lake Annecy.

  • 100 % French labor

    The value added to our product range by local materials and production allows us to in turn support the local economy.

Our products

All our products are manufactured in France with european materials