S-Ride Video


The S-Ride will lead you further easily in your speedriding practice

Name: S-Ride
Wing: speedriding
Type: beginner rider to regular use + freeride basements
Geometry: 4/2 lines non diagonal canopy
Concept: easy canopy for beginners to advanced riders depending of the wing load used
Certification: load test 6G
Sizes: 10 – 11.5 – 13 – 14 – 16
Weight: 2,1 to 2.8 kg
Risers : A + B with 5 cm trimmers
Bag : delivered with NEO speed bag 50L + NEO fast pack
Main materials: Skytex double coating 42 gr, Cousin ultimate Dyneema, Technisangles 22mm, Maillons Peguet
Materials: made in Europe
Manufacturing: made in France


The aim of the S-Ride is to achieve more simplicty and comfort in the practice, so to widen the glider using field.

NEO offers a glider with easy handling less specific and accessible to beginners, while efficient for regular users. The  glider will naturally follow your progession, without asking you full attention. Handling becomes intuitive.

According to the design, you’ll be easily in contact with the snow. Your pratice will be thus more efficient…

Thanks to the easy and quick inflating, you’ll be relaxed to launch into the slopes.

Pendular moves are softened, so less pressure on the hnadling. You are focused on your line, and less on the handling of the glider. The glider becomes a support of the ride, and not a machine to overdrive, for more pleasure.

The S-Ride is available in 4 sizes:

–       #14 : the glider to begin for middle to heavyweight pilots

–       #13 : : the glider to begin for middleweight pilots

–       # 11.5 : the glider for lightweight beginners and to evolve for others.

–       #10 : the glider to start freeride ou for the lightweight girls

– Matérials/Features:

* we use the double coating fabric «Everlast» from Porcher Sport, made at less than 2 hours driving from our workshop. We are the first to use this fabric on mini-gliders.

*Plastic patterns for a better durability. They replace the Mylar that creases easily. We search the better thickness and hardness to be more efficient in Speedriding actvity.

* Markers on the center of the canopy on the leading and trailing edge, to make easier the preparation and handling on the ground.

* Cousin Ultimate sparse lines, easier handling and preparing

* 2 arms risers with 5cm trimmers, using sewing technology of scale. Trimmer on the back of the riser, adjustable on flight or block on the neutral position.

*ergonomic break handle with balls

*Deliver with 55L NEO speed rucksack with ski holders and NEO fast pack.

Technical files