Koroyd Propack

Name: Koroyd Propack
Back protection: speedriding and paragliding
Type: the world’s thinnest level 1 back protector
Feature: integrated inside the NEO Shorty
Geometry: co-polymer extruded tubes, thermally welded to create an unparalleled consistent and fully engineered core
Concept: engineered core: lightweight, breathable, flexible and thinner protection with strong performance decelerating the energy from the impact and reducing the final trauma levels.
Certification: EN1621-2 Level 1 tested at 40°C and -10°C
Size: 400 x 165 mm, 15 mm thickness
Weight: 150 grams
Manufacturing: Germany

In numbers:
– 10,000 welded tubes.
– 10kN (Kilonewtons) avg. force during impact testing.
– 3.5mm tube diameter.
– 3 temperature certification standards outperformed.
– 2 protective layers.
– 2-litre water reservoir pocket compatibility.
– 1 goal – to reduce the risk of suffering an injury.

The EN1621 :2 level 1 certified back protection: The thinnest and most breathable in the world, integrated in the NEO Shorty harness.

Issued from the partnership between NEO and Koroyd, this protection brings a superior level of safety to the rider while being comfortable, breathable and flexible.

The Core Koroyd system was developed by cutting-edge engineering processes: co-polymer extruded tubes thermally welded in order to create a multi-axial and consistent absorption layer.

The Propack is a thin, light, flexible and breathable back protection that has a massive power of energy deceleration from the impact which reduces greatly final trauma levels.

In case of strong impact, the Koroyd protection can easily be replaced.

The Koroyd concept won the Reddot award in 2014 at ISPO.

Koroyd applied its technology to different sport equipment (Ski, Bike, Wakeboard, Snowboard…) and worked with some of the leading brands in each discipline.

NEO and Koroyd chose to collaborate because of their common leitmotiv: to innovate.

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