NEO Koroyd 1.0

Koroyd technology is a revolution in energy absorber. Paragliding is now taking this opportunity: NEO propose a new engineered back protector of 9 cm thinks only.

NAME: NEO-Koroyd 1.0
BACK PROTECTION: paragliding
CONCEPT: Technology offering the best impact absorption for a back protection that is 2 to 5 times thinner than other protections available on the market (9 cm).
INTEGRATION: NEO Suspender, GIN Genie Race 3, GIN Genie Lite 3
GEOMETRY: Polymer lightweight core construction
WEIGHT: 480 g
SIZE: 75 cm (long version : pelvis + lumbar + dorsal protection)
MANUFACTURING: France / Germany

The NEO-Koroyd 1.0 back protection is an assembly of Polymer tubes and Polyethylen material.

Koroyd is a revolution in lightweight core construction, which is proven to afford a significant and even astonishing performance advantage. The most advanced next generation energy absorber. Koroyd consistently outperforms existing materials, absorbing more energy and reducing final trauma levels.

Koroyd technology reduces the thickness of the paragliding back protection (9 cm) offering more safety. The back protection NEO-Koroyd 1.0 is certified LTF09 + CE.

Reducing the severity of injuries 
Koroyd inserts reduce the intensity of G peak. The NEO-Koroyd protect the entire spine. The impact is absorbed by the damage of the material.

Thin and light 
Only 9cm of thickness for 480g of weight : the protection NEO-Koroyd offers the best volume / weight / impact absorption ratio ever proposed.
Comfort and rigidity 
Confortable and precise like a competition harness with much less weight and volume. No harness torsion with speed bar.

  • Patented Koroyd Technology used in aeronautics and aerospace industry
  • In sport business, Koroyd has development contracts with Smith, Salomon, Head, Nitro Snowboard, and is exclusive with NEO for Paragliding.
  • Certified LTF + CE.
  • 9 cm
  • 480 gr
  • covers the total spin area

The NEO-Koroyd 1.0 back protector is used inside the NEO Suspender.