NEO Koroyd 2.0

The Koroyd is a revolutionary shock absorbing technology. Paragliding benefits from it and NEO presents a new semi-rigid back protection of just 9cm.

NAME: NEO-Koroyd 2.0
BACK PROTECTION: paragliding
CONCEPT: Technology offering the best impact absorption for a back protection that is 2 to 5 times thinner than other protections available on the market (9 cm).
INTEGRATION: integrated in the Stay Up harness
GEOMETRY: extruded co-polymer tubes thermally sealed for a consistent multi-axe absorbing body
WEIGHT: 340g
SIZE: 40 cm (short version, lower back and pelvis protection)
MANUFACTURING: France / Germany

The NEO-Koroyd 2.0 protection is a set of polymer and polyethylene tubes.
The Koroyd technology is a revolution in “honeycomb” light construction, and no other technology absorbs so much energy during an impact. This technology allowed for a thinner back protection for paragliding (9cm) with increased security.

Less injuries

The Koroyd inserts reduce the intensity of impacts and the NEO-Koroyd protection protects the entire spine.

Slim and light

At only 9cm thick and 340g, the NEO Koroyd protection has the best compromise volume/weight/shock absorption ever

  • Patented Koroyd aeronautic and airspace technology
  • In sports, Koroyd has product development contracts with Smith, Salomon, Head, Nitro Snowboard, and an exclusivity with NEO in paragliding
  • LTF + CE certified
  • Only 9cm thick
  • Just 340 gr.

The NEO-Koroyd 2.0 protection is included in the NEO StayUp pod harness and GIN Genie X-Alps.