String Airbag

Name: String Airbag
Accessory: removable protection for paragliding harness
Type: Airbag protection
Concept : removable and adaptable airbag backprotection for all types of NEO String harnesses
Certification : EN/LTF + EC
Size: one size
Weight: 370 g
Fabric and material: Ripstop Polyamide coated polyurethane, stretch Ripstop, YKK Zip
Material: Origine Europe
Fabrication: France

Light airbag backprotection for your NEO String harness. This removable
airbag can easily be adapted to the 3 different versions of the NEO String harness and to the  NEO String Pack thanks to its velcro at the back, its two toggles and its side clips. It contains a stow-away zip pocket which will be very useful to store your rucksack before you take off. Its inflation system is efficient thanks to two side scoops; it is certified EN/LTF passing the remarkable shock absorption test up to 24G. This removable airbag protection is also certified EC, European standards for PPE.